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A website should not just draw attention. The role of a website is to attract and engage the user, as well as communicate your brand and raise awareness about a product or service.

Your customers will not give you a second chance to make a first impression

In a digital world, first impressions are vital and an outstanding web design is the key to success. Users enjoy visiting sites that are aesthetically appealing and easy to navigate. Let our team help your site make an outstanding first impression with speed and accessibility.

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Web Design

 Your website is your identity in the digital world.  So, wouldn’t you want to create an identity which is well thought off and has a unique personality? Similarly, the website should reflect your company’s brand personality, is well designed and contains relevant information. A well-designed website will attract a lot of visitors and the traffic to the website will definitely increase. The chances of getting leads will increase more than ever.  Be it big or small business web design is an important aspect of any company.Therefore, every business should have a proper website with all the requisite information and a great content.

With a multi- tiered process for creating a website, its owners should make sure that the web design company should be equipped for handling the work load and have enough experience in dealing with any situation.

SEM is a leading web design Michigan based company. We have extremely professional and skilled experts who provide a plethora of designing and technical services. Our team has years of rich experience in Michigan web design. This includes website design, website hosting, creative branding services and digital marketing services. We have worked with several clients over the years. And they have innovative and user- friendly websites. For ecommerce clients, we have a dedicated team which works on shopping friendly interface which can be easily accessed by the customers. We have not only designed them but we have been maintaining those websites too. We have a support team which is ready to help for any glitches if experienced. We have also designed websites logos, internet creatives & advertisements and mailers for various digital campaigns for several clients.

So, there are few steps to know how a Michigan web design company work?

1 - Understanding the goals for the website – The company first understands the requirement of the clients. Many questions like “What is the goal of the website?”, “Is it an e-commerce or a blogging website? “” Who is the target audience?” This is very important to determine because every business has different goals. An e-commerce website targeting teenagers will have different goals and target audience as compared to a shopping website for women above the age of thirty. With this understanding, the web design company Michigan will then decide what design will suit the clients’ requirement.

2 - Developing a structure and sitemap for the website – After several rounds of consultation, the developer will then plan a structure for the website which would be shared with the clients. Once the client gives go ahead for the website. Then a sitemap is developed. This sitemap usually has inner structures of the website described. Many a times, a wireframe is created. A wireframe is a visual representation of use interface. Although it doesn’t contain any elements such as logos and colors etc. which need to design, it gives the description of the elements that will be added to the page and their location.

3 - Layouts – In the next few weeks, the website designer will design various layouts which are suitable for the website. This usually takes few weeks as there are several pages will be which need to be designed and also the client will give feedback for all the pages’ layouts. Once the customer is fully satisfied, then the website company should move ahead with the other processes.

4 - Content Development – Content is then written according to the design of the website. The importance of good content cannot be emphasized enough. While the design of the website might be attractive, if the articles, pictures and blogs are not interesting enough, the website visitors might not come back. Many times the web design company has in-house writers and video editors to design the content.  At times, the client provides the articles, pictures and videos. Then the content has to be incorporated in the website.

5 - Coding – Once the basic ground work is done, then comes coding. It is an extremely important step. This is how the web site starts taking shape. If the plugins are to be used in the CMS (content management system), they too are needed to be installed at this stage. Valid Coding is also important for the success of better Search Engine Optimization of the website.

6 - Mobile Website – This is a step which can send a lot of traffic to the website. As everyone has a smartphone today, the websites should be compatible with the phone. So, it is extremely important that a mobile website should be created. There are many versions of software available on the internet that can help in designing a mobile website.

7 - Testing & Launch of the Website – The website is then tested. Developers check the codes, links making sure every link and page are active. Few users are asked to check it and any technical lapse is taken care. This can take few days as the website has to be tested and retested till there are no errors are found.  Once the testing is complete, then it is time to launch the website.

8 - Regular Maintenance, Updating & Monitoring – Even when the website is launched, it should be regularly checked for any technical/content error. Any new updates regarding the company should be done on the website. The website users may give some feedback which might be useful, so that should also be kept in mind.

Every project presents its own goals, audience, and opportunities. Our approach to great projects begins with a time-tested process that discovers and addresses the unexpected.

Our Website Design Services

Responsive Website Design

Experience the fascinating web design aesthetics- For us, Web Design is not just a digital art of earning-platform for Web Corridor, it is a vision of our life. Our very own digitally-creative-canvas.

Web Development

Designs are crafted to express and impress- Our website development company in Michigan is ‘client-oriented’ so that you can avail ‘what’ you exactly need, ‘when’ you need and ‘how’ you want to implement!

Graphic & Logo Design

Unparallel creativity and Custom Design- Impressive graphics define great communication. We strive to craft simple yet effective graphics for our website. As we understand that website design is an integral part of a viable brand’s design.


A nice balance between creativity and user experience- As a service provider or a business owner, you will never be able to sell your respective products or services if the consumers do not locate your site. Get an impressive and user-friendly site developed by our experts of web design.

CMS Website

Digital experiences that transform your website in to a marketing machine-We as a web development company in Michigan, build comprehensive web systems that integrate seamlessly and function efficiently with your ancillary business systems across every other domain and multiple levels of business operations.

Mobile/Desktop Application

Create unique hand-crafted design-We make sure that your online presence must be developed with the latest development tools and platforms. Hence, we employ advanced software engineering techniques.


Digital optimization to get the desired result- You can’t expect traffic or leads to your website just by creating a website! To get usual and daily traffic, and promising business leads for your business, you need to practice website promotion services.


Utilize the latest design concept- Web Design is not just a design solution for Web Corridor, it is a process of our life, and our very own digital and high-quality creative canvas.