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These days, our lives are incomplete without Google. If we want to eat out, we search on Google to locate “nearest Chinese restaurant “or “best pizza place in Michigan “.  We want to locate the” best place to shop in New York”, we turn to Google. For every query, we need Google. So, this statement would be not false, if we say that living without Google would be quite difficult. Then it should be the same for the businesses who are operating in the same area. Business owners who want to become “the best pizza place “or “the best place to shop “should be seen on Google! They should leverage it to increase their visibility, brand awareness and increase their chance of client conversions.

Why You Need Google Maps Marketing

Some Statistics

In a research, it was seen approximately that 79% of smartphone users use the phone to compare prices, locate a shop or learn about something. Around 80% users who are looking at local search end up buying that product or service. The local search leads to 50% of phone users going to the shop that day itself. Similarly,34% of tablet/desktops users will go to the store same day. This means it makes sense to use Google maps marketing. If your business is listed in Google, more people will know about it. More people seeing your business on Google map marketing leads to more client conversions.

What are the strategies that can help local business?

What is Google map marketing?

Google map marketing helps in listing your business’s information in Google maps. It is important that complete information (Name, Address, and Phone number) should be given for more visibility. If the business owners have local maps SEO strategy in place then your business is seen by several website visitors. Whenever the customers need something, Google is the directory, they are looking at. There are higher chances of conversion of customers from just website visitors.

What are the strategies that can help local business?

As we have discussed earlier, if Google local marketing is done correctly, then it can have a positive impact on the local business. And local establishments like restaurants, bakeries, flower shops and schools can get a lot of mileage from it. So, they should go for Google maps marketing Michigan. There are few strategies, they should apply, which will help in getting better rankings.

Claiming your business identity – It is very important that the information about your establishment in not only Google, but other directories like Bing or a review site should be corrected and complete. Google picks rankings on the basis of your entire web presence. If other businesses have more information in the other directories and other listings than yours, your rankings will get dropped. So, it is extremely important to keep updating the information on other listings and web posts too.

Creating a great content – Since Google ranks the website on the basis of its presence across the web, then creating good quality content makes a lot of difference. It should be such that the information must be relevant, readers are able to relate to it and create a positive impact in the customers’ mind. High quality pictures and interesting videos will also make a huge difference in the rankings. This is because people make a quicker decision to visit that establishment, if they can see a picture or video. Engaging with customers will also help as it helps in getting better reviews on the web.

Positive reviews – Getting positive review for your business is highly recommended as it helps in Google rankings. But, many business owners don’t pay attention to this. If the reviews are great, then more and more website visitors will convert into customers. Many a times, your business might get negative reviews, then it is important to engage with customers. Make sure their grievance is heard and resolved. This also helps in creating a positive image for the website visitors.

Good Quality Backlinks – Once you have good rankings in Google maps, then it is always important to have recommendations from authority websites. So, having backlinks from these websites make a world of difference. That helps in better rankings in Google. So, hiring an agency who can help in creating more backlinks will be very useful as they are more experienced.

Google Map Ads – They are new features introduced by Google. They have four types – promoted pins, in store promotions, customizable business pages and local maps site. These advertisements appear on google map app and site. These ads are paid for but can also enhance the visibility of your business.

Google My Business

 Google my business is a service by Google where the business owner can list and claim their website with their complete information. This includes address, timings, hours of working, customer reviews. This is then verified by Google and the business and location is then ready to be displayed on Google Maps.

How do we come into the picture?

Getting listed is easy on Google is easy but it takes some time and effort to get top 3 rankings in the Google maps. But this effort is worth it when you see a flurry of customers in your stores or establishments. We can help you in getting top 3 rankings in Google maps as our team is very experienced and has expertise in Google Map marketing. We are one of the leading agencies in Michigan which specialize in SEO, local SEO, PPC, web design and Google Maps marketing. We have a very quick turnaround time and for us, customer satisfaction is very important. Our clients are spread across several sectors and love our work. We have a support team which works round the clock. In case, you have more queries, please contact us

Google My Business

Google my business is a service by Google where the business owner can list and claim their website with their complete information. This includes address, timings, hours of working, customer reviews. This is then verified by Google and the business and location is then ready to be displayed on Google Maps.

  • Attain prominent visibility on Google Maps and Search
  • Target local audiences
  • Develop more exposure for potential leads or clients
  • Add more significance for regional keyword domination
  • Very relevant in terms of the best SEO practices
  • Provide Cost-effective marketing solution
  • Generate more revenue
  • Enhance your clients ROI

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Google Maps Marketing

What is Google Maps Marketing?

Google Maps Marketing is to use Google Maps’ functionality to get the top ranking on Google Maps when a potential customer makes a search for a keyword relevant to your business.

How Google Maps Marketing can help my business?

When a potential customer searches for a keyword relevant to your business and finds your business on the top on Google Maps, he/she is more likely to contact you. Additionally, Google Maps optimization also builds brand awareness.

Do you have exposure to my industry?

Ranking By SEO has worked with diverse industries & professionals, including emergency service providers, small businesses, doctors, and more. Our Google Maps Marketing experts will create a customized plan for you, depending on your needs.

Will Google Maps Marketing improve my brand image?

Yes, Google Maps Marketing will improve your brand image. How? it helps your business appear on Google Maps when a potential customer searches for a keyword that is relevant to your business. As Google Maps results appear in search results, having the top position on Google Maps improves brand image.

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