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Not just for simple navigation requirements, but even for local searches and locating the desired product or services, most of the people try out for Google maps. Convincingly, the Google maps optimization is important for your business. These days, People are always online- you can’t blame if they don’t find your product or services. It is significant that Google places optimization that ticked on for your business as people are getting more and more involved online. If they are seeking for a product or service in a set location, surely they search on Google, and track on a location to their device search term. We all do this, right?

Let your customers and potential leads know WHO you are, WHAT is your product or services, WHERE you are and are you OPEN for business

Google Maps assists your business to capitalize on local queries. And with the professional touch of our Google maps marketing agency, it helps the Searchers to look or browse for the types of businesses or products over the map, based on their need at that particular moment. Thus, Google Maps conveniently offers:

Vetting and Verification – In Geo-searches, the highly regarded and most reputable businesses rank first.

User reviews – Considered as a mini customer testimonials.

Cross-channel visibility and UX – This feature offers a rich and encouraging experience to the users of mobile, app and desktop to search expertly about the availability in the marketplace.

One-click interfacing – Online users can click or browse across the website, read additional reviews and can call directly within Google Maps.

Easy updates – As an owner of your website, you can update or change your company’s phone numbers, location, services, products and in-store promotions in Google Maps.

Know the Impact of Google maps marketing for your Business

You don’t require hundreds of requests, feedbacks or positive reviews to acquire top rankings on Maps

Almost ninety percent of all searches, irrespective of products, services or any other information on Google platform is for local business

Almost ninety percent of all searches, irrespective of products, services or any other information on Google platform is for local business

More than fifty percent of searches are performed primarily over a smartphone or tablet

As per the record, around half of searches made on Google, are performed on a mobile device with the intent of searching for a local service, business, product, or information about the nearest service or business provider

If you see ads over Google, the maps listing just appears below the paid ads that can be found at the top of the page, as these cost the website owners for such ads. Pay-per-click ad- only if you heard!

Local searches help the customers to locate the desired stores, restaurants and cafes, consultants, professionals.

As the best google maps marketing company, our dedicated service includes…

Personal attention from our experts

Complete detailed monthly reports

No results – no charge guarantee

Website optimization

Customized program for local maps marketing

Competitor analysis

“My Business” optimization

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