Google Algorithm Update

Google Algorithm Updates – Stay up to date to rank on the first page of the SERPs

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Google Panda update

Google Panda update is designed to analyze the quality of the webpages and their on-site content. Initially, Google panda was developed to filter content but very recently, Google has officially announced that it would assess web pages,and integrate it into the primary website ranking algorithm.

Essential elements that trigger Google Panda:

  • Article Spinning – A website with duplicated content rewritten from another website. Non-original content reduces the content’s quality too.
  • Poor Quality content –Grammatical errors in the content, unorganized and poor formatted text and a site that is not efficiently designed,and delivering a negative experience to the visitors.
  • Ambiguous or Thin content – This defines as a website content that consists of very few words or has contents, which do not meet the necessary search query.
  • Duplicated Texts –Reusing the small volumes of texts but as a quoted text, referring to context is acceptable, though directly copied quantity of text is considered as plagiarized and not acceptable.
  • Untrustworthy/ Plagiarized content – A website that consists of misinformation, plagiarized, and potentially hazardous content.

 Google Pigeon update

Google Pigeon update is developed to enhance the ability of the search engine to display relevant and premium-quality sites on SERPs. According to the factors of Google’s ranking, this is practiced to initiate separate search algorithms, and they are for global web search and local web search. Hence, to bridge the gap, Google Pigeon was designed into one algorithm for practicing SEO. As a result, Google Pigeon works as per the website’s ranking analysis by its location of the business and its estimated distance from the inquirers.

Take a tour to SEO methods practiced by the Google Pigeon Update

  • Practicing definite keywords, relevant to the location of your business’s products or service
  • Optimizing your business website for smart-phone devices so that it is mobile-friendly and efficient
  • Developing a niche and premium-quality content based on your service or product by applying images and videos with texts, refer to your brand
  • Building connective links from authentic and reputable sources
  • Gaining positive feedback, testimonials, and reviews from your customers

Google mobile-friendly update (Mobile-geddon)

Google addresses a significant ranking algorithm that aims to develop mobile-friendly websites, designed specifically to promote websites in Google’s mobile search results. It has got a significant impact and influences the ranking factor; it enhances the user experience while viewed on smart-phone or tablets. Google had issued a‘mobile-first world’, and thus, as a google penalty recovery services provider, we implement the right Digital Marketing strategies in India and across the world. For user-friendly website, there are some notable features to achieve:

Responsive Design – An automatically designed website to fit any screen.As an SEO company, the specialists of google penalty recovery services recent Google Algorithm Update to keep ourselves as well as our clients to rank on the first page of the SERPs.

Interactive Elements – A complete interactive website to allow users to experience inclusive.

Loading Speed – To provide user-friendly elements that help the site’s webpage to load faster. Applications such as minimal coding and image optimization accelerate fast mobile pages loading times.