LCD Screen Recycling

LCD Screen Recycling

LCD Screen Recycling is the popular brand that has launched the service of LCD screen recycling as well as LCD Screen swapping. However, their website was failing to attain the internal expectations and flourish the brand across a diverse range of innovative LCD recycling process. Today, smartphone repair service centre is the most competitive service provider for any brand, and undoubtedly, we understand the challenge for the new concept to emerge with a bang into the marketplace. Thanks to our experienced SEO experts to ensure the needed campaign to find the target audience and build a brand that leaves a lasting impression.

For LCD Screen Recycling, the challenge is to meet the target audience and to spread the service to a specific demographic. Expanding the profile is the task that needs a concrete digital journey to match the LCD recycling service profile at the right dimension. In a competitive marketplace, impactful creative is imperative to form to engage users and exceed industry benchmark.

What we did

After a thorough audit of the LCD Screen recycling’s website, our experts had identified some noted issues and determined to follow key measures based on the primary plan of action to maximize the audience’s attention. Therefore, we started with keyword research and targeted the user awareness by involving paid and organic search, i.e. SEO and PPC.

The Results

    • Received over 15000 engagements with the creative contents
    • Click-through rate is considerably greater and noted as 2.2 times than the industry benchmark
    • 1 million impressions delivered

We have compiled the right keywords, such as ‘LCD recycling’ into the right groups in different groups to get a successful search engine marketing. A relevant keyword is a significant part to attain desirable results. When it comes to considering the method of keyword grouping, our experts put pure logistics to achieve the successful campaign of the website. The keyword landscape is constantly developing and changing, and to get the desirable results, we understand that we should be flexible while pacing, bidding and targeting.

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