Case Studies

LCD Screen Recycling

LCD Screen Recycling is the popular brand that has launched the service of LCD screen recycling as well as LCD Screen swapping. However, their website was failing to attain the internal expectations and flourish the brand across a diverse range of innovative LCD recycling process.

Epoxy Coat

Epoxy Coat is renowned for providing a bespoke excellent solution when selecting unique quality floor coating. Epoxy Coat has been developing intricate invitations to develop superior permanent floor coating with optimum attributes for years and thus…

Amiccis Pizza

Amicci’s Pizza is the leading pizza store launches two successful outlets in Detroit and Hamtramck with a delightful and diversified healthy menu. While identifying their website…

Casco Rent All

Casco rental is a construction equipment rental store in Michigan that has been operating across the region for years. However, the existing local website site was unsuccessful to acquire internal expectations …

Metro Detroit Phone Repair

Metro Detroit Phone Repair is an efficient repair performance service provider that has been operating 10 locations in Michigan. Metro Detroit Phone Repair’s existing website was previously failing to seek internal expectations…

Paul’s Pizza

Paul’s Pizza is the leading pizza store that has introduced its’ outlet in Vernor, Detroit Michigan. They have delightful eatables and have got a diversified menu with the speciality range of pizza. However, observing the website…

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“We have been working with This company for over a year and have been really impressed with the results. It’s a pleasure to work with someone knowledgeable, experienced that provides such great value for money as well. The communication is 10/10 which is something really important to me.”

Bessie Sanders

Bessie Sanders


“We’ve been working with The Search Engine Marketing team for the best part of this year, and we’ve been really impressed with the team. Their ability to communicate is great. They are flexible with business needs and always understanding, and we’d have no problem in recommending them!”

Sara	Garcia

Sara Garcia


“The Search Engine Marketing Team are a fantastic company to work with. They have been driven, transparent and highly effective in my social media advertising campaign. I highly recommend them and will continue to use them for all my marketing in the future.”

Doug Ramsey

Doug Ramsey


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