Case Studies

1 – Metro Detroit Phone Repair –

Metro Detroit Phone Repair is an efficient repair performance service provider that has been operating 10 locations in Michigan. Metro Detroit Phone Repair’s existing website was previously failing to seek internal expectations and also fail to reflect their approach, brand and their work ethics. Hence, it is difficult to convert and nurture their respective audience across a diversified repair service. The website was simply lacking:

• Effective SEO performance
• Offering online marketing activity to deliver a brand new site
• To ensure organic search, and a strong aim on lead generation

Therefore, the collaboration of Metro Detroit Phone Repair with us helps them to create the following critical success and factors are discussed below:

Ranking, a delightful experience for the company, on the very first page of Google with the help of more than 500 keywords on the first page- surely, well-selected relative long-tail keywords is one of the quickest ways to get their responsive website in front of thousands of people. Digital marketing is a big association of Metro Detroit Phone Repair overall strategy. Their new site had to be entirely SEO-friendly and designed for maximum return, and thus, within 2 years, they have established a total 10 stores from 3 in Michigan. Today, businesses are locating their local marketing efforts from phone books to online, and with online directories, like Google My Business, Metro Detroit Phone Repair reach their potential customers across Michigan. We have successfully optimized Google My Business Listing to boost local presence. Whether searching for local “phone repair near me” or “smartphone repair near me”, the Google search helps effectively by narrowing down the potential options for customers, and also develops a trustworthy smart phone repair platform for the users to rely on. They rank for more than 100 keywords. Few of them are phone repair Westland MI, iPad repair Wayne MI, cell phone repair Westland MI etc..

2 – LCD Screen Recycling – 

LCD Screen Recycling is the popular brand that has launched the service of LCD screen recycling as well as LCD Screen swapping. However, their website was failing to attain the internal expectations and flourish the brand across a diverse range of innovative LCD recycling process. Today, smart phone repair service center is the most competitive service provider for any brand, and undoubtedly, we understand the challenge for the new concept to emerge with a bang into the marketplace. Thanks to our experienced SEO experts to ensure the needed campaign to find the target audience and build a brand that leaves a lasting impression.

For LCD Screen Recycling, the challenge is to meet the target audience and to spread the service to a specific demographic. Expanding the profile is the task that needs a concrete digital journey to match the LCD recycling service profile at the right dimension. In a competitive marketplace, impactful creative is imperative to form to engage users and exceed industry benchmark.

What we did

After a thorough audit of the LCD Screen recycling’s website, our experts had identified some noted issues, and determined to follow key measures based on the primary plan of action to maximize the audience’s attention. Therefore, we started with keyword research, and targeted the user awareness by involving paid and organic search, i.e. SEO and PPC.

The Results
• Received over 15000 engagements with the creative contents
• Click-through rate is considerably greater and noted as 2.2 times than the industry benchmark
• 1 million impressions delivered

We have compiled the right keywords, such as ‘lcd recycling’ into the right groups in different groups to get a successful search engine marketing. A relevant keyword is a significant part to attain desirable results. When it comes to considering the method of keyword grouping, our experts put pure logistics to achieve the successful campaign of the website. The keyword landscape is constantly developing and changing, and to get the desirable results, we understand that we should be flexible while pacing, bidding and targeting.

3 – Casco Rent All –

Casco rental is a construction equipment rental store in Michigan that has been operating across the region for years. However, the existing local website site was unsuccessful to acquire internal expectations as well as didn’t establish the brand, their innovative services, and their approach. Hence, it is imperative for us to formalize effective SEO measures to convert and nurture their wide-range of the audience, across an amplified range of construction equipment.

The website of the Casco rental was falling short of a few significant approaches and they are:

• Serving easy and favorable user experiences
• Right keyword grouping to take search marketing practices to the next competitive standard

When the collaborative approach of Casco rental with us, we executed a strategic approach towards content. As we understand, the content strategy is a journey that needs comprehensive campaigns to enhance the likelihood of engagement. With our inbound marketing strategy, we ensure reaching out to consumers across Michigan, whether they need to know about the service or not, this entire strategy increases awareness. To achieve this, we have incorporated important researched keywords, such as tool rental near me, equipment rental near me and few more to seek competitor research, and promote the best ranking position within 6 months.

What did we do? For Casco rental, the dynamic digital marketing solution is the only measure that ensures potential website ranking, and increases traffic levels. Optimizing the web presence of Casco rental was necessary, and thus, we had implemented a strong search strategy to bring traffic to the site. Hence, we had figured out the interest of the audience and attract qualified traffic for higher conversion rates. We begin this Casco rental project with an in-depth and thorough research phase with the help of essential data, user insight, and other range of research techniques to promote a website that exceeds expectations. They rank for more than 100 keywords. Few of them are casco rental service, loader tractors rental armada mi, dehumidifiers on rent chesterfield, casco equipment rentals etc..

4 – Epoxy Coat – 

Epoxy Coat is renowned for providing a bespoke excellent solution when selecting unique quality floor coating. Epoxy Coat has been developing intricate invitations to develop superior permanent floor coating with optimum attributes for years and thus, the challenge was to promote the organic ranking of the Epoxy Coat website for targeted keywords and enhance traffic to its primary service site.

What we did

Our expert team estimated thoroughly about the backlink profile of Epoxy Coat’s in depth, and found considerable gaps between the low-quality links and high-quality. Even, we have identified the missing metrics, which are very essential to enhance the website rankings. Thus, developing an effective internal linking strategy, with a cornerstone structure are few of the necessary step to follow. Moreover, for the substantial outreach list and implementation of the relevant link building strategy, we soon have achieved some positive ranking results.

Due to the competitive marketplace for any brand, managing the rank is the optimal priority. Thanks to our experienced experts who are skilled to understand the scope as well as the challenge for any brand, like Epoxy Coat to enter this marketplace. As a specialist, we know that a client needs a strong campaign, and that exactly we had developed for the Epoxy Coat to find their target audience, by adding relevant keywords like epoxy and epoxy coating to boost the rankings, and undoubtedly they have achieved traffic from 0 to 8k within a span of time. We practice the market-leading competitive intelligence tool for search, and so, to leave a lasting impression, our experts have developed positive ranking results for the Epoxy Coat and therefore, had built brand awareness. We offer “unrivaled competitive clarity” by providing our client an insight into competitor activity for a dynamic digital marketing solution. They rank for more than 100 keywords. Few of them are metallic epoxy floor kit, residential epoxy flooring, epoxy concrete floor, concrete floor epoxy coating, epoxy coatings for concrete floors etc..

5 – Pauls Pizza – 

Paul’s Pizza is the leading pizza store that has introduced its’ outlet in Vernor, Detroit Michigan. They have delightful eatables, and have got a diversified menu with specialty range of pizza. However, observing the website of Paul’s Pizza, we had observed some errors, and also identified that the previous digital campaigns and contents were not potential enough to lead customers, revenue and interest. Therefore, we had introduced the overall campaign to deliver successful search engine marketing, starting from content creation, client briefing, and visual treatment to product selection.

What we did

The expert team has initiated key strategic measures to ensure respective results, by driving recommend search engine measures. Thus, our expert had started with accumulating and maintaining the attention audience. We are successful to manage the brand of Paul’s Pizza, and had created unique engaging marketing solutions with thorough research and expertise, which is very visible in bringing the customers to the outlet of Paul’s Pizza. Hence, we had introduced:

Introduce trending marketing campaign: We had analyzed respective keywords that are relevant enough to drive traffic and offer concrete insights within the present consumer behavior and marketing trends. Hence, we have tried to keep up to date regarding the popular and significant audience across the Detroit and Hamtramck, and practice to post relevant content to engage the audience.

Managing to get a more engaged audience: We initiate more unique and creative content related to food and specialty pizza by attracting more audiences are a very important aspect. Thus, our expert had invested key SEO strategies to promote business. Therefore, with the addition of relevant keywords, we are successful in bringing the consecutive traffic to the Paul’s Pizza site. Inbound marketing is our successful strategic tool to attain a customer-centric approach by developing helpful resources and creating helpful food-related information to access more easily.

Enhanced conversion: While identifying the site of Paul’s Pizza, we had focused on generating relevant content that results in gaining more qualified leads for the business.

6 – Amiccis Pizza – 

Amicci’s Pizza is the leading pizza store launches two successful outlets in Detroit and Hamtramck with a delightful and diversified healthy menu. While identifying their website, we had estimated a few loopholes, and also found that the previous campaigns were not successful enough to generate interest and revenue. Therefore, we had reframed the entire campaign delivery process, starting from content creation, client briefing, and visual treatment to product selection.

What we did

Our key strategic experts had ensured in driving the respective results, and thus, we have started with acquiring and managing the audience’s attention. We are entirely successful to get the brand of Amicci’s Pizza, and had delivered engaging solutions with optimum passion, expertise and commitment that is visible in bringing the customers and attract more traffic to your site. Therefore, we had initiated:

Promote marketing trend: We had analyzed respective keywords that are relevant enough to drive traffic and offer concrete insights within the present consumer behaviour and marketing trends. Hence, we have tried to keep up to date regarding the popular and significant audience across the Detroit and Hamtramck, and practice to post relevant content to engage the audience.

Maintaining engaged audience: To start developing content that is considered as important to attract audience, we know and understand the respective importance of keyword. Thus, we had initiated relevant keywords, such as ‘Caesar’s pizza near me’ to bring traffic to the Amicci’s Pizza site, and more customers to the counter. To figure out, what actually interests your foodie audience, is important and thus, we create unique content around that.

Enhanced conversion: We only focus on the relevant content and thus, with the Amicci’s Pizza, we have developed contents that have not only attracted qualified traffic but also invited more visitors. Now they have a higher conversion rate in the outlets of in Detroit and Hamtramck.